Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tony O'Dricoll - IBM - Welcome to the learning bloggosphere

Clark Quinn from Learnlets welcomes Tony O'Driscoll to the learning bloggosphere. And so do a BIG way!!!
I'll have to agree with Clark on the long post concern, but what the heck...we're just glad your hear Tony! I actually like the long thoughtful posts...its inspiring to read what I'm thinking, clearly. His blog titled Learning Matters! at
Tony's answer to the February BIG QUESTION is right on the money. You gotta read this one. A lot of us are echoing these thoughts but Tony has genius, and clarity in his writing style that is quite enviable.
It's all awesome, but here are some snippets:
"Too much emphasis has been placed on how we do what we have always done and not enough has been placed on what the fundamental value proposition of learning is to the organization."
"In the future Content may be still be king but Context will be the Kingdom. All of us need to become far more adept at creating contexts that engender true generative learning experiences. 2L is a true Context Creation platform. Let’s promise each other not to leverage 2L or any other 3Di platform for what it is and not just apply this incredible technologty to create fancier 3D page-turning environments."
"The outcome is clear though….we are investing more in the place where learning happens least and in so doing we are leaving the informal learning to chance."
That's only a small piece of it. Tony's got 4 posts up so far and every one is worth the time. I sense a book on the horizon. Great stuff! Oh, yeah...and Welcome!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the kind words Brent. I feel very humbled by your remarks. Looking forward to collective wisdom generation that the blogosphere enables.