Saturday, February 17, 2007

Learning and SUCCESS - Made to Stick

While the workweek is for surfing the Learning feeds, I enjoy catching up on my DESIGN and MARKETING folders on the weekends. This is sad because MOST of what I do IS design and marketing. (Remember, much of marketing is getting people to "know" about a product and service...i.e. Learning) I think its mostly because I just can't handle another 100 feeds during the weekdays.

From LOGIC+EMOTION comes this quick post about a book signing with the authors of the book Made to Stick.

The key traits of sticky ideas are listed like this:


Wow! Sounds a lot like the ingredients for effect transfer of knowledge to me.

On a different topic...yet related. I've recieved a lot of feedback possitive and negative regarding my response to the February BIG QUESTION. BTW - I love the feedback...good and helps me clarify my thinking. But to my point...I think Marketing suffers from the same problem as Instructional Design. Marketing combines many of the different -ologies for their work as well: anthropology, psychology, technology, etc.

What can we learn from the field of Marketing might make for a great next BIG QUESTION.

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