Tuesday, March 20, 2007

eLearning Guild 2007 - PocketGuide

Full size eLearning Guild Pocket Guide

If you are heading off to Boston in April for the eLearningGuild2007 Conference then you might want to download this little PocketGuide.

I discovered this little app for the Mac called PagePacker at Big Nerd Ranch. Its awesome! Most people use it for their GTD implementations.

Here is what is on the page:
Front Page logo
Day 1 template - (this is blank like day planner)
Day 2 template
Day 3 template
Conference room map 1
Conference room map 2
Notes page

So, on the Day planner pages you can write which sessions you plan on attending and have it handy in your pocket. And if you don't know where you're going then just flip to the map pages for a quick reference map of the conference facilities. And if you bump into someone in the hall that you MUST remember (and they don't have a business card) then just make a quick note on the notes page.

If you want more info you can leave me a comment and I'll send you the pagepacker file.


Anonymous said...

This would be great! I only see an image file here - is that what you mean by offering to send the file? Would that be a PDF? I would love one!

adwhite AT lbl.gov

bschlenker said...

Hi Angela!
Sorry I wasn't more clear. If you are using a Mac, then you can download PagePacker and i will send you the original .pp file and you will have no trouble printing.
I tried "printing" to pdf but the pdf format formated it incorrectly.

The other option is download the image from my post and print that at it's largest size on US Letter. Then the folds work out okay. Click the link in the post to see a step-by-step on how to fold it up.

Let me know if works for you. I look forward to seeing you in Boston.