Monday, April 30, 2007

iQuiz Maker - Quiz creator for iPods

We have been discussing iPods as training tools for over a year now. And the folks at Aspyr have a created an app to make it happen.
Users need to purchase the iQuiz game for their iPod however the authoring tool is free for developers. Anyone want to give it a go and report back?


Anonymous said...

I've had a play with it and already created a couple of pop quizzes for my clients. It's a fun tool with a real game show feel to it that lends itself quite well to trial exams and exam preparation.

I've had a look inside the files that are written and have managed to extract results so the next step is to create a small app that can grab the results and update our LMS

Yes I have too much spare time!


jesse perry said...

Hey, I've created iQuiz, which is a place for people to find user-created iQuizzes! Just wanted to let you know, figured it would help your readers. :D

Clark said...

Brent, I did post the result of some explorations!

bschlenker said...

Thanks Clark! I would recomment that everyone reads Clarks review. Good food for thought.

Jesse, sounds like a great idea as well. I love the open source aspect of it.

James, Any chance you would post your LMS connections as opensource for the benefit of the community? I think there would be some great work here.