Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Stop the Learning2.0 MADNESS!!!

Blogs, wikis, RSS, Social Networks, and all the rest are finally hitting the mainstream. You'd think I'd be thrilled...BUT OMG!!! When we say that blogs and wikis are another tool for your eLearning toolbox, we don't mean to say that you install a new blog, or wiki, for each learning solution/intervention that you implement. ARGH!!!

If your company has an enterprise wiki loaded up and ready to go...USE IT!!! Training/learning depts should be leveraging the technology, NOT creating it and maintaining it themselves (at least in most situations). Same goes for a blogging engine. If your company has an internal blogging system ALREADY for new employees don't give them another one to access and use JUST for your silly little training program. USE the one that's already provided!!!

Of course every company depending on its size has different situations to deal with. If you are a small company and your IT deparment is not supporting web2.0 yet, then you must take the initiative and do a little underground grassroots work. But don't forget your IT Buddy (if you've seen my presentations you know what I'm talking about). Making it happen can be easy if you have established an IT Buddy.

Remember, the difficulty of web2.0 is that you need to implement the tools first creating the infrastructure for use. This is counterintuitive to the traditional software approach. So, yes, you will run into resistance.

Web2.0 tools and their implementation is a complete PARADIGM shift...dang, I hate using that buzzword, but it couldn't be more true. YOU MUST THINK DIFFERENTLY!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I understand your comment on implementing Web2.0 tools being counterintuitive to the traditional software approach. In both cases, you get the software set up, then you use it, right? Or am I not getting what you mean?

Regardless, I totally agree about creating more and more instances of these things. Use what's available, or work with IT to make them available.

Of course I say that, but at the same time I'm running a wiki myself, at least until I can get the IT team to take it. Plus I'm considering doing the same thing with a blog and a discussion board. Sometimes you gotta use grassroots in a large organization too.

bschlenker said...

Perhaps I jumped the gun there a little and went off the deep end.

Traditionally there is always a direction reason or purpose for implementing software as a solution. The only exception I can think of is email. I remember when email systems first entered corporate environments and you needed write a letter with 7 levels of manager approval to get an address...justification, right? Now email is a ubiquitous framework that simply must exist in the enterprise. Today, you just turn on an email server and go for it.

Wikis, and Blogs, are facing the same moronic IT restrictions that email faced...what...15+ years ago.

Smart companies and IT groups will simply set up an wiki, blog, and social network, environment in the same way they setup an email server.

Its crazy that you have to go underground, but that's our reality.

Its funny being on the outside of corp. America. and seeing how much more productive you can be in the wild than you are stifled in cubical-hell. Corps talk a big game about productivity and communication but simultaneously want to keep everyone shackled and quiet.

Good luck in your efforts! Let's me know if you want to share your efforts in a case study or podcast interview.