Friday, September 14, 2007

Guild Research Post: Men, Women - Games, Learning

Check out my post over at The eLearning Guild's research blog.

This may help add some fuel to the discussion started between Cammy Bean and Dr. Karl Kapp.


Karl Kapp said...

Brent, great posting from the Guild Research and way to add evidence to the opinions. But if possible could you add a key to the colors to help make it even clearer.

Thanks for the great info! The Guild to the rescue again.

bschlenker said...

Done deal, Karl. I updated the post.
I also dove into the data a little more and found some other interesting correlations on gender and corporate v. Ed,Gov sectors.

Cammy Bean said...

Thanks for posting this, Brent. Although you said the post was about me, I didn't anything in the research that talked about me directly :)

The facts confirm for me what I've been thinking/observing...women aren't as immersed in games and gaming as men. As an industry, I think we need to be careful not to constantly refer to Gamers....

bschlenker said...

What I should have said was that your line of thought/questions kicked off the conversations. You were the catalyst for us to have this conversation.
My $.02 is that woman do play a LOT of games, they just don't call themselves gamers.
I think that's what you said too. But I also LOVES certain types of games AND overall do not think of myself as a gamer. I've always enjoyed fantasy adventure books, stories, movies, etc. which is why I'm drawn to WoW. But I actually play very little compared to most and don't even consider myself good at it or even a "player" for that matter.
I am not a gamer but I am comfortable with games and enjoy them with my kids when I have the time.
Its a fun topic...thanks for continuing the conversation :)

Cammy Bean said...

Perhaps being a "Gamer" is more of a lifestyle issue -- and it may be transitory. My guess is most parents of young children don't have time to be Gamers. So while you may have been a Gamer in your 20s, you may not have the time to be a gamer in your 30s (or whenever it is when you have kids -- that is, if you even choose to play the game of life that way).

Or is being a Gamer just about how you look at the world and how you solve problems with that gamer-mentality?

What would Karl Kapp say to that? Hmm?