Saturday, September 15, 2007

MMOL - Massively Multiplayer Online Learning

Summer time is great. July is awesome because it's time to hit the beach and chill out for a while. But that also means disconnecting from the digital world for a while and missing out on good stuff. Here's is the first identified "I can't believe I missed this" casualty from the Summer of 07:

TechCrunch reporting on Grockit raises cash, prepares "Massively Multiplayer Online Learning" product.

I remember reading about Grockit when it first appeared. And I do remember thinking how short-sited to build all that infrastructure yet deliver only ONE type of content...GMAT testing prep.

The tag line is cool: think, learn, be. I'm a big fan of being and doing as the best way to Grock any topic. I suppose that's why I've been fascinated with building simulations, and immersive environments for so many years. Heck, I remember when we called it Virtual Reality.

Anyway...I'm excited to see what MMOL looks like when they release it. Hey guys! What do I have to do to get on as a beta tester?


Unknown said...


Shoot us an email and we'll be sure to add you to our beta testers.

We're planning Grok Con a convention for Learning 2.0 startups.

Stay tuned for more!!

Anonymous said...

The "original" idea is in or
Review your links.
Thanks ++