Thursday, November 15, 2007

Acting! Genius!

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Well, this is embarassing. Its that sort of, well, "everyone is doing it" sort of thing. Then ya go off and do it and wonder, hhhmmm...WTF!
I can hear my mom saying, "would ya jump off a cliff if everyone else was doing it?"

I blame it on Christy Tucker with her post about it. Wendy did it, Stephen did it, and Harold and Karyn. Okay, I'm in and GENIUS is what I get. I was hoping for elementary school at the VERY, most...whatever.


Aaron said...

Methinks there is a problem with their algorithm. For example, my E-Learning/Flash blog, Flash For Learning, rates as "High School." Fair enough, I try for the underhand pitches instead of the fastballs. However, my music podcast, Radio Gen1us? That's "Genius."

Although, in truthy, my ranting blog, -- that's "Elementary School." Which is true, because I just put a picture of the GI JOE USS FLAGG Aircraft Carrier playset in there -- and I think it's still the most awesome present I could get this holiday season.

Anonymous said...

I will accept full responsibility for prompting you to do the test. I gave into the peer pressure, but at least we're all keeping each other company as we jump off the cliff.

I actually checked mine again after I posted about my readability with the Swedish Chef text. It knocked me down a level. So, if you want to have an easier readability, just post some Bork Bork Bork. :)

I wonder how it's doing the testing and whether the amount of e-learning jargon we use is part of why our reading is at the higher end. Hmmm...