Thursday, November 29, 2007

NFL Job Board: S.F. 49ers Now Hiring Instructional Designers

Instructional Design position with the S.F. 49ers

The 49ers organization is in need of an experienced instructional designer with experience in visual media. The job includes "cleaning" up old training programs and converting them into effective eLearning programs. The position requires an open mind and a creative ability to work with existing video material.

Examples of our earlier training videos

For your interview please view the above training videos and come to your interview prepared to describe how you might convert this training into a new media elearning program.

The perfect candidate will also be required to speak in front of large audiences of important people. In this role you'll have the opportunity to present your training programs to congress.
Congress Holds Hearing To Address Crisis Of Offensive NFL Training VideosWASHINGTON , DC —The Government Reform Committee subpoenaed NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue to discuss the urgent issue of offensive NFL training camp videos. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and the 12-member committee grilled Tagliabue on the recent San Francisco 49er training video which included graphic sexual scenes and racial stereotypes. McCain called on the commissioners of all four major sports to “eradicate this problem from the American sports landscape for good.”“Clearly offensive NFL training camp videos are a cancer on our society that must be eliminated,” said McCain. “As congress it’s our job to address issues that are of vital importance to the well being of our nation. We did it with steroids and now we’re doing it with dirty NFL training videos. Eventually we might get around to social security and health care.
You'll also have a chance to work with the head coach who is excited about starting some new sensitivity training programs:
"I will say this: We do a lot of the sensitivity training, and we do it in the right manner. This is an example of how you do not do it," said Nolan, who was hired in January. "That's not what the 49ers will be about."
Its going to take a very special candidate from the ISD community. Send your resume now before its too late.

UPDATE: FYI - this is a joke. Please don't send me your resume ;-)

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