Friday, July 31, 2009

QR Code found in the Wild

I've been interested in QR codes for a while now. This is the first one I've seen live. It's in San Diego.

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Graphics IT said...

what did it do when you zapped it with your QR code reader?

bschlenker said...

I used QuickMark and I didn't even need to "take a picture" the way other decoders make you. I just launched the app, then launched the phone from QuickMark and as soon as it recognized the code in the frame of the camera it immediately launched a URL in the safari browser on my iPhone.
The experience was exactly what I have been expecting for the last couple years.
I was beginning to think this technology was going to die, but after experiencing it first hand...finally...I think it still can be a cool thing.

Graphics IT said...

I've tried to scan the code using Kaywa reader as I'm now intrigued what the QR code actually does but no joy. What does it do/point at?

bschlenker said...

It takes you to a trailer for the new animated movie "9". try in your browser.