Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Preparing for DevLearn09 - Part 4 - FREE Consulting

...or as we like to call it, DEMOFEST!  Getting feedback is critical to the success of any project.  So why not get over 1000 eLearning pros to review your latest project and give you the BEST feedback?  Sharing your work and learning from your peers is what DEMOFEST is all about.  No prizes.  No contest.  No fear of failure.  Its just you and your peers talking shop about YOUR project.  I can't think of any better feedback mechanism than this opportunity at DevLearn. 

So, if you're registered or plan on registering then you should also dig up your latest project and fill out the DEMOFEST submission form.  Don't let the submission form fool you.  We are not looking for "the best of the best", we simply want to know what your project is so we can help prepare you and the other attendees for the event.  We also use it to screen out vendors who may see this as an opportunity to sell to you or "win" something that will help promote a product or service.  We had winners of different categories in the past, but that clouded the event's intent.  So we are going back to basics this year. 

Tell your boss, or the bean counter, that DevLearn is the cheapest consulting you'll pay for EVER!  And you are guaranteed to come back to work with ideas for improving your training effectiveness and do it better, faster, and cheaper.  DEMOFEST is a big part of your learning at DevLearn.  Don't let this opportunity pass you by.  As the money guys would say, you're "leaving money on the table" if you miss DEMOFEST.

MY THOUGHTS:  I'd love to see someone submit a project that was a failure! Yea, that's right!  A colossal FAILURE!  We see far too many glowing success stories.  I believe if we aren't failing then we aren't pushing the limits enough...or we're just spin-marketing too much.  So, I dare you!  Bring on your biggest failure, and be proud of that learning opportunity.


PTLLS said...

In Europe lifelong learning takes now has a different approach, we hope to see more development as a result of new legislation, good luck all teachers!

Simon said...

I agree with the article writer in e learning you expect to pass, without putting the effort in.