Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pinterest is Popular! Do We Need Learnist?

This will be a short post. If you haven't heard, there is a very cool new website called that is all the rage with the ladies. The power of Pinterest is in its user interface design and the idea that images are the media content of choice. If you are just now hearing about it I would encourage you to check it out before reading on.

So today, I'm relaxing during my son's basketball practice, and catching up on my stories in my ZITE iPad app. After the first few stories I see this story titled Learnist is like Pinterest for Learning. Seriously?

I don't even need to look at Learnist to make my point and ask you this question. Why can we not use Pinterest as a learning tool? Why do we need to copy what's popular and then spin it as "...for learning"?

This probably wouldn't bother me so much if this was the first time this has happened. Sadly, this is amazingly common in the Internet world. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe what we really need is Loogle? Ya know, it's like google for learning!


ThatGuyBabb said...

Pinterest is too broad a network to be used for learning. Even looking at the main page you can see it is mostly physical products and things that people want or like. No doubt that there are Pinterest users who pin lots of interesting learning articles, videos, etc; there is far too much to filter through. I think the goal of learnist is to become a portal for learners and educators alike to use it's tools in a way that will benefit users. What I mean is that Learnist will likely have features specific to its site designed for its community specifically. You say it yourself in the beginning of the post
"The power of Pinterest is in its user interface design and the idea that images are the media content of choice."
I know an image is worth 1000 words, can we learn anything from those words without some professional, or even community, interpretation?

Beth said...

Learnist vets expertise, and therefore accuracy, in a way pinterest does not. Anyone can be an expert in their favorite shoes or shampoo. But Learnist uses mathematicians to develop and curate the Math boards and expert English educators to develop and curate the English/Language Arts boards.

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