Friday, September 12, 2014

Weekly Review - Sept 8-12 - Apple, LearningLIVE, Fireside lrnchat LIVE

This week was filled interesting events. Monday Phoenix flooded with more water in one day than we usually receive all year. Tuesday was Apple Announcement Day...which should be a holiday. #LearningLIVE was happening in the UK. Thursday was another fun Fireside #lrnchat LIVE. And Friday was...the day before the weekend!

Phoenix Flooding

Monday's flooding Phoenix kept most people in the house, but since my wife works with seniors and her car is a tiny little mini cooper, I thought it best to take her around to see her patients and help out where I could with my truck.  I've lived in Phoenix most of my life...AZ all of my life...and I've never seen it attempt to hold so much water.  We ended up helping out a few people getting them to work and doctor appts through flooded roads around the valley.

Apple Announcement Bashing

I know the "in thing" right now is to be Apple bashing, but while I was interested in the products I was mostly interested in the new media cultural experience that surrounds the event. And normally that involves everyone BUT Apple.  However, this time around, Apple offered up a live stream of the event that also included an live blog rapidly updated with images, tweets, and behind the scenes coverage. Besides the stream being really bad for the first 10-15 minutes, I finally got it to work.  I'm assuming it finally worked for me after a million or so people became so frustrated they just disconnected. Perseverance pays! I'll have a blog post about it next week.

While there is concern about our collective industry of eLearning professionals adopting wLearning as the next mLearning, I'm not so concerned.  You'll notice that Apple did not call it the iWatch. My hope is that we, as a profession, will follow along and once for all give up the "e" and the "m" and any other letter placed in front of Learning or Training.  But that's just me.

Learning LIVE! UK

I did not attend #LearningLive but followed the twitter stream and really enjoyed the engaging conversations.

Fireside #lrnchat LIVE!

For the 3rd week in a row I've attempted a G+ Hangout on Air during #lrnchat. I've started calling it Fireside #lrnchat LIVE! @marciamarcia couldn't attend this week but she will be joining us again in the future.  Special thanks to @MelMilloway  @cm_holloway @reward75 @urbie @willconstantine @anicole87 for joining me in this fun little exercise in social media overload.

I mean, seriously, it takes a significant social media skill set to chat live on video while following a fast-paced twitter chat.  But while it seems a little crazy, it's also quite fun.  Actually, it's really fun. Check it out...

Please feel free to contact me directly if you'd like to join the hangout.  We can only have up to 10 participants but so far we haven't filled it.  So, let me know if you want to test your social media mad skills :)

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