Friday, May 05, 2006

Fear and ignorance exposed - It's a good thing!

Those who fear the coming of the Web2.0 Revolution are beginning to respond via the same tools they fear.  When other media outlets begin to pick up the conflict and report it as a story, then you know the revolution has started touching more than just the alpha geeks.


It’s always interesting to see how when grassroots efforts first kick off there are those who find it necessary to crush the effort with negativity, fear and ignorance.  Does anyone remember the days when email first popped in corporations?  Or how about the fight for Internet access for all employees?  The difference with the web2.0 culture is that it breaks down the corporate org structure and perceived value of middle management.  With “other” channels available (blogs, wikis, RSS) to create and foster your circle of influence, the need for many layers within the org chart becomes less relevant.  Those who embrace the new culture rescue themselves from the White Collar Revolution and become Me Inc., the theory put forth by so many business gurus but crossed my path via Tom Peters.


No, things won’t change over night and perhaps some of these points were made back in the early days of email and web access.  But, I do know that the tools are cheap AND useful.  And until Microsoft comes out with its bloatware version of blogs and wikis they will remain that way.  Once the managers start spending millions on the same tools they have could have had for next to nothing, THEN they will get on the bandwagon and start cheering the success of Web2.0 in corporation.  But as long as one guy with a server can fire up an open source app and support the entire company, management will fear the relevance of their existence.

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