Monday, July 10, 2006

Learning Trends: ISD down, Web2.0 UP...way up!

Everyone is always asking for data around here.  It used to be quite frustrating because it was incredibly difficult to get real data around learning in an organization.  Its still impossible, IMHO, to get level four data specific to training, but I like trends.  I like what can assumed from trends...its kind of soft data that tells a story, but you need to fill in the plot and the key players to complete the story line.  Google trends is helping me tell my latest story.

Actually, maybe you can help me tell the story.  Check out the pictures below and write a compelling plotline for them.  Is this shocking to you?  Is this just because Web2.0 is so hyped?  Are you feeling sad that fewer people are searching for Instructional design?  What do you think?

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