Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Waterfall model - ADDIE - "is risky and invites failure"

The 37signals blog Signal vs. Noise pointed me to the Wikipedia entry for the Waterfall model of software development.  Sure sounds a lot like the ADDIE model to me.  I wonder if there is any connection. matter...they are not relevant any more. 

The iterative approach to software development, with short turnaround cycles, is proving more powerful in small startups like 37signals and challenging the big software players.  Microsoft is having trouble supporting the long tail.  37signals is filling the gaps in web based productivity software for folks who just don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on MS bloatware.  And those of us who have access to the MS suite but choose a more user-friendly, well designed web product.

So where are the little guys supporting the long tail in eLearning?  Where's the little LMS challenging the bloated million dollar LMS products?  Nuvvo perhaps?  Moodle?  Any ideas?
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