Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Zimbio: putting Learning2.0 together...finally!

Many people ask me for examples of what a Learning Ecosystem looks like. There are several images that bloggers have created, but we want apps that people can get their hands on. Sure ELGG is awesome because I can download and install the framework onto my own server! But Zimbio takes user-created social networks to a completely new...well...complete...level. Thanks to Alan of CogDogBlog for the review/reminder.
I've used recently to help people "get it", but this is by far more of what I would consider a Social Learning Ecosystem. Now if only I could download the framework and run it behind my corporate firewall. Now that would be awesome!  Oh yea, I'm a little frustrated trying to figure out how I JOIN other existing groups.  But I created my own group just fine.  Check out Corporate eLearning Development at Zimbio.
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