Friday, September 22, 2006

Anything2.0 = Organized Chaos

A large part of my schtick on Learning2.0 revolves around the perception of CHAOS.  One of my favorite non-elearning blogs is Innovation Creators by Rod Boothby.   His post titled Organized Chaos has a great picture.  The big picture is starting to come together for me, and I was going to wait until I had it drawn before posting again but I felt moved to link up to Rod's image and comment.
Many are uncomfortable with the concept of organized chaos because the organization part is not centralized.  People worry that "we just sit back and let organization happen".  Well, sort of.  The effects of a Learning2.0 ecosystem only begin to payoff over the longhaul,  but in some instances you really do need to get a message, or knowledge nugget, out quickly to the masses.  So, do we use the ecosystem for that kind of message?  Well, No...wait...why not...maybe yes.  See how confusing this stuff is when you try to fit the old paradigm into the new?
The 2 systems will coexist.  One day it will be one system, but for the sake of calming nerves we'll let both coexist for the discussion.  The piece that drives the old system is trust...or a lack of trust really.  Of course legal, and certification requirements, needs documented proof that everyone endured training.  So those drivers will continue to fuel the old system.  And when someone actually wants to learn something to get a job done, that need will fuel the new system.   The trick is how and when do they meet?  Or do they even need too?


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Just to mention - Learning 2.0 ecosystem is going to grow:

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I'm looking forward to seeing what Skills feed has to offer.