Monday, November 20, 2006

PDFs via RSS, and Comic Life for User Guides, instruction manuals

I found this to be interesting at first and then the Duh!? moment hit.  Let me explain...
I have subscribed to the MAKE magazine feed in iTunes...mostly for the video stuff.  (While I have a secret desire to hack apart old electronics, and create DIY marshmallow guns out of PVC, alas it is hard to find the time. )   But I've noticed recently that they are feeding PDF files...hmmm.  Okay, never thought of that. 

So, that's only part one of this post (PDFs via RSS).  The first PDF fed my way via RSS led me to the next part.

Part two is cool.  Check out the PDF of this guide:  Locking picking instruction manual using Comic book format.  They used the cool Mac app called Comic life

Wouldn't it be cool if your company's New Employee manual was a comic book?  Or perhaps if the boring HR Legal guidelines came in this format?  I know I would be more likely to read it.

Check out for more clever instructional guides done with Comic Life.

I'm thinking about doing a version of my resume in Comic Life.  I'll post it if it materializes.

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