Monday, December 11, 2006

December's BIG QUESTION! Part II

What are the biggest challenges for you/us as head into 2007?

Without a doubt, heading into 2007 learning industry practitioners need to focus on change management in their organizations. All of the tools of Web2.0 applied in Learning2.0 Ecosystems will fail if we do not SHOW the benefit to our clients/customers.

This may be stretching it a bit, however I believe in many cases we are challenged with reinventing ourselves or becoming extinct. As many savvy content experts begin realizing that they don't have to "wait in the training department's cue of projects". We will begin to find more and more professionals avoiding the training department all together and "doing it themselves" (good enough is good enough, screw the pedagogy). After all, true professionals take pride in their work and their knowledge and they will begin to take pride in creating the media that shows off the skills and knowledge of their trade in the form of training and mentoring others as a part of their own career growth.

As a matter of fact...yes...the sky IS falling ;-)

The silver lining comes in Part III...stay tuned!

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