Friday, December 08, 2006

Corporate eLearning Weekly Episode#1 - Jay Cross

Episode#1 of the podcast Corporate eLearning Weekly is "in the can". 

I may not continue the Learning2.0 podcast.   I like this format much better.  What format, you might ask...

Well, Corporate eLearning Weekly is simply going to be me rehashing my blog from the previous week.  Boring, you might say...

Well, the cool thing is that you can join in the conversation and talk about the same topics that I am blogging about.  I envision readers/listeners commenting on the blog and then supporting their comments live on the Talkcast.  And since I also link to other wonderful learning professionals in the blog we will also talk about other blogs and conversations that are happening in the bloggosphere.

Today I had the pleasure of chatting with Jay Cross, author of the new book Informal Learning.  In the future I expect more than one participant in the TalkCast, but today it worked out because he and I haven't had a chance to talk since we first met in the bloggosphere.

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Dave Lee said...

Great idea, Brent! I've already got my subscription queued up in iTunes. Good luck with this.

bschlenker said...

Hi Dave! I hope to "hear" you sometime during the live cast!