Wednesday, June 20, 2007

20 Years of Death by Powerpoint

Powerpoint turns 20 according to the Wallstreet journal. (sorry no link) That got me thinking about Learning...doesn't everything :-)

I posted some interesting data on The eLearning Guild's Research blog regarding Powerpoint and Synchronous Learning Systems: PPT is still the most frequently used feature and has the highest ease of use rating.

The Learning industry has also created its own little niche market of tools that magically convert Powerpoint to eLearning...just saying that sends chills up and down my spine. Yes, anyone can create eLearning as long as they know how to use Powerpoint, right? Arrgghh.

Did Powerpoint kill good design or did we simply get lazy because of Powerpoint?

Perhaps no one fights the good fight more effectively than Garr Reynolds of (here's a good post to start with, but they are ALL top notch)

But in celebration of this event I thought is best to focus on the negative...

DevilDucky links to comedian Don McMillan's video Life after Death by Powerpoint!
(This one is HILARIOUS! and also linked all over the web)

The Learning blogosphere's own Karl Kapp asks the May BIG QUESTION: Avoiding Death by Powerpoint.

And there's actually a BOOK - Death by Powerpoint

From Microsoft Office product Manager
another MS employee

Death by Powerpoint resource kit - presentation done in Keynote (Mac presentation software)

Political bloggers give new meaning to the term Death by Powerpoint and the war in Iraq.

oh yea, and how can we forget to blame Powerpoint for NASA...ehhemm...issues.

Avoid Death by Powerpoint - 5 most common problems with Powerpoint presentations only proclaims NEAR Death by Powerpoint

and scientific PROOF from Australia that Powerpoint can in fact render you unconscious. Siting the "cognitive load theory" effecting short term memory negatively in the case of most presentations featuring text as the primary content type.

And from O'reilly we learn how to give Powerpoint presentations in Secondlife. Thanks, O'reilly. THAT'S exactly what we needed...geezh.

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