Thursday, July 12, 2007

PageFlakes - eLearning Blogs Dashboard

Steve Woodruff and Karl Kapp put together a great aggregation of Training Blogs on PageFlakes.

So, if you don't want to mess around with aggregators and making your own little world of opt-in opt-out content, and you'd rather kick it old school...then just bookmark this little gem and you'll have a very good connection to the training world.


bill7tx said...

Hi, Brent -

FYI, that site does not support the Safari browser. Mac users will have to download and install FireFox to use it.

Bill Brandon

Martin M-B said...


great post, great Flakes! I suppose that it's not surprising that the contents reflect my own collection of Blogs in Google Reader to a great degree, though nthere are some new ones I am not familiar with.

When I open the site, all the Flakes are open - to see all of them on one page means that I have to minimize each one individually - do you know of any sort of 'minimize all on the page' command? That would be useful...

In the meantime Marsalama from Turkey, where I am catching some rays between work tasks!


Anonymous said...

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