Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Social Networking Annual Data - comScore

Data can tell amazing stories. Just listen to Hans Rosling from the TED conference and you'll get what I mean.

ComScore has released their data on Social Networking today and it's pretty incredible. Facebook.com has increased 270% since June 2006. I knew the buzz was growing about it over the last year and so I tried it out. Now I'm hooked. Its LinkedIn and Facebook only for me.

Okay...maybe I still Twitter a little bit ;-)


Unknown said...

Brent - Thanks for sharing this data. Social networks are clearly a platform that corporations can use to tighten and build strong employee relationships, as well as pull together knowledge management. Any vendor recommendations specifically for internal use? I have just started using Ning for an Adobe Captivate Users Group that I manage and I am really loving it.

BTW - It was great meeting you in Boston, at the beer tasting, as well as having drinks later with Mark O. and Silke F. Your blog is awesome and I have been listening to your podcasts on the way to work and I really dig them. Keep them coming!!! Since Boston, I was inspired to start posting my ideas here - badsquare.wordpress.com

bschlenker said...

Hi Mark!
Thanks for all the kind words. I didn't think anyone was listening to those podcasts. There totally experimental and I'm having a hard time staying consistent with them. I'll try to get another one up soon.
Vendor recommendations for Social Networking? Let's send this question out and crowdsource it as they say.
The comments isn't the place for it so I'll post the question and see what we get back. I have some ideas but I like to hear what others have to say.

Will you be attending DevLearn? I hope so. Its THE place to be for eLearning stuff.

Anonymous said...

I found social networking as a tool which had been primarily designed for social interaction and sharing. You can gain lots of friends and build reputation over the net.