Wednesday, August 08, 2007

In Box Zero - 43 Folders - Increase your personal productivity

Part of what we do in the eLearning community is help others become better at what they do by offering instructionally sounds learning opportunities. Well, we can also help people get smarter by introducing them to time saving techniques, or Life Hacks as they have become known.
My favorite Lifehacker is Merlin Mann of 43 Folders.

This is Merlin's presentation at Google on Getting Your Inbox to Zero. Many of Merlin's suggestions are based on the book Getting Things Done and he references the GTD process. I do recommend the book and implementing some sort of process in your email life. Sometimes all it takes is getting a little tip here and there and it changes your perspective on handling email, and living your digital life.

There is also much to be gained from Social Networking sites and I think there will be some lifehacks for handling the information in those spaces coming soon as well.

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