Monday, August 27, 2007

mLearning - FREE Webinar - Great Quotes

August is mLearning Month! At least is was for me and Guild Research. Okay, it actually goes further back into July, and probably June. But since The eLearning Guild released the report in August, I'm stickin' with August as being all about mLearning.

Before I forget, mark your calendar for Wednesday August 29th. 2 session (8:30am and 11:30am Pacific time) of the FREE mLearning Webinar are being held with the authors of the report. You don't want to miss it. REGISTER HERE!

Mobile learning has only just begun to take shape. Nobody is quite sure what that shape is exactly, but if you understand the basic direction of technology (getting smaller) then you see the need for eLearning practitioners to be prepared for mLearning. What's your mLearning strategy?

Much of my personal experience is with corporate eLearning. But with 3 young kids in school I'm always interested in how these technologies are impacting our schools, teachers, and the curriculum. It nice to see educators fighting the good fight.

Check out these great quotes posted by Alex Hayes on his wiki.
They are also part of his presentation below.

And as always I would encourage you to check out mLearnopedia for the most comprehensive online aggregation of mLearning links and cool stuff.

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