Monday, October 29, 2007

PocketGuide - DevLearn2007

DevLearn2007 PocketGuide

DOWNLOAD PDF - QR Code Version
For those of you that are attending DevLearn. I've created the PocketGuide again this year. I did it for the Annual Gathering in Boston and while the online version did not work too well, the ones that I left at the registration desk flew away quickly. So this year we will have more at the registration desk and the pdf link above should get you a good copy.

The trick to a good print is NOT letting your printer scale "to fit" or anything like that.

What can I do with the PocketGuide?
1) Prepare your daily schedule in advance to be more productive
2) Handy pocket map will help guide you when you're lost
3) Take notes (small notes)
4) Take names and phone numbers
5) Quick access to a month - great for planning next steps with people you want to stay in touch with.
6) View the daily agenda at a glance
7) Its the perfect conversation starter
8) Show everyone how retro, and cool low-tech solutions can be.

HOT TIP! Don't wait until your flight to look over the schedule and figure out what you are going to be doing at the event. Take a few minutes each day and starting getting your mind ready. This will make your experience much more relaxing and productive.

If you need help with folding the guide just leave a comment. Or go to this web site. Better yet, if you have a Mac you can make your own by downloading the PagePacker app from the same web site.

DevLearn - The eLearning Development Conference & Expo
Co-located with the Adobe Learning Summit
November 5-9, 2007
San Jose, CA


bill7tx said...


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your mobile feed an d QR Code.
Wouldn't it make sense to put the QR Code in the PDF as well, so people can update through your blog via QR Code;)

Paper, QR Code and Mobile is more convenient and useful for a conference than everything else, I believe.

Great potential here!

bschlenker said...

Hi Roger! Yes. You are absolutely right. Actually, that's the point of a QR code...I to have it on physical materials connecting the physical world to the digital one.
I only recently discovered QR codes, and so this is all still in the R&D phase for me. I believe there is HUGE potential here. But I'm very disappointed at the current lack of apps to create and read the codes. And there are even less for the Mac. I want my iPhone to read 'em. Since 3rd party apps are coming I hope someone makes it work.
Thanks for the feedback. I'll put the code on the PDF and see how much buzz we can stir ;-)

Adam said...

Great idea! For those looking to quickly make their own pocket guides, check out the templates and application at I've used this in combination with the PDFtoPocketMod utility to quickly convert PDF files to a pocket format.

Alan said...

Maybe Semapedia?

generates QR codes as PDFs that are linked to relevant content in Wikipedia

Anonymous said...

As always, great stuff. Thanks, Brent!