Friday, November 09, 2007

DevLearn in Review 2007

DevLearn was an HUGE success this year! I didn't blog as much as I would have liked but your eLearning Colleagues listed below attended and will be blogging their reactions. There are also some photos in Flickr tagged devlearn2007. I can't get the RSS feed to work, so I'll assume you know how to get to flickr and search tags.

Mark Oehlert - e-clippings
B.J. Schone - eLearningweekly blog
Jay Cross - Informl blog
Clive Sheppard - Clive on Learning
Tony Karrer
Silke Fleischer - Captivate
Karl Kapp - Second Life for Synchronous Learning
Clark Quinn
Anne DerryBerry -

The buzz at the event was powerful. Its always interesting to see which items and areas of interest are beginning to bubble up to the surface. Storytelling was definitely a big player. IMHO, it will continue to be a an area of interest as users, subject matter experts, begin to learn the tools to tell their stories in life and within their organizations.

The eLearning Guild announced open access to Guild Research for members which was met with overwhelming excitement and interest.

The keynotes were amazing! Sir Ken Robinson, Paul Saffo, Frans Johansson. All 3 nailed the amazing shift occuring in technology and how that is impacting our industry.

The Serious Games Zone was a great place to hang out and talk about how games impact learning and how they might be used as learning tools. Halo3 and Wii bowling were big hits, but it was fun to see people exploring World of Warcraft for the first time.

Best conference food I've ever had (may be silly but believe me, it makes a difference.)

The Demofest was fabulous and seeing all the wonderful entries was a treat. Congrats to the Harley Davidson team for winning best of show.
Project Name: Emag Machine Operations Course for Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Name: Joe Kitterman
Organization: Oxygen Education - Harley-Davidson Motor Company

There is so much left to add here, but I must rush off to the airport. Now it's time to look forward to April and The Guild Annual Gathering in Orlando. Start prepping now! Its going to be bigger and better than ever.

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No one has posted a summary of any Demo Fest Winners anywhere but you're citing best of show here. Where might we find them???