Tuesday, November 27, 2007

iPhone earbuds upgrade

Wow! I had no idea what I was missing in sound quality.
The right earbud from my iPhone headset mysteriously went quiet last
week. Apple had a sale on black Friday so I ordered an upgraded
headset - the Vmoda headset. So worth it!
The FAM is asleep and I'm chillin with Miles Davis and the Meat
Puppets and a little Molly Hatchet sprinkled in...strange, I
know...its a long story from DevLearn.
Good times!


Anonymous said...

Just ordered a pair myself (saw the sale Black Friday sale and couldn't resist). I've been using Etymotic ER-6i Isolator ear buds with my iPod for years, but the jack doesn't fit the iPhone and the Isolators don't have a mic for phone use. I've read great reviews of the Vmoda headsets, and I'm glad to hear someone "real" likes them as well. Mine are on slow boat shipping, so it'll be another day or two until I can see for myself.

Brent Schlenker said...

FYI - I normally don't post anonymous comments...sort of a blogging rule I've developed over the years. Even though you said nice things, I'm not really sure if you are a Vmoda employee or not ;-)
I believe trust is a valuable part of the web experience and with an anonymous post no matter how harmless I can't judge it's merit.
Sorry for the rant.
Anyways, I do love them and I know you'll be happy with them as well. I needed that one button phone capability as well so these fit the bill. I love my music again.

Stephen M said...

Well, my V-Moda Vibe Duo headset finally got here, and I'm not quite as happy as you. I think I get a dud set. My right earphone is significantly louder than the left. Now we get to see how good V-Moda's customer service is. *G*