Tuesday, January 29, 2008

CommonCraft - Photo Sharing in Plain English - VizThink08

Husband and wife team Lee and Sachi LeFever were at VizThink08.


If you are not familiar with their work then you haven't been "doing the web" correctly. The commoncraft videos are AWESOME! Check out this one explaining photo sharing online:

One quick point I'd like to make is that they are NOT instructional designers. Lee mentioned the simplicity that he thinks makes the videos so popular. In our conversation he also agreed that constraints can make for greater creativity and not less. A video camera, pens, paper, and a white board (and editing software) can create a compelling instructional video.

About Simplicity
KISS - don't forget kiss...Keep It Simple S****D. Everything that you train can be broken down into a very simple image, visual, series of visuals, or text(yuch!), or text and visuals. Have you ever looked at your training and thought about stripping it down to its basic elements? Maybe reduce a paragraph down to one sentence...then shorten that sentence. Now replace as many of the words that are left with images. Can you do that?

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Anonymous said...

Very entertaining video. My parents should watch it.

I like that they used a real example of a photo sharing service like flickr, which is a great site.

EchoPic is a service that I use. Its simple to use and makes it very easy to share your photos.

Check it out @ http://www.echopic.com