Monday, March 10, 2008

Backchannel Learning and Conversations - TWITTER

If you are one of those folks that just doesn't "get" TWITTER then perhaps another CommonCraft production will help you get closer to the 140 word digital communication sensation.

Have you been keeping up with the buzz around SXSW? If you are not a "high geek" you may not know about SXSW. This conference is about as high geek as it gets. Its a yearly woodstock for the high geek gen XYers.

TWITTER was the big hit of SXSW07. And today TWEETing at SXSW is just expected. Do you TWITTER or do any sort of Micro-blogging?

Argh! We were just starting to figure out plain old vanilla BLOGGING and now you throw MICRO-BLOGGING at us?

Come learn more about Microblogging and other Learning2.0 tools and technologies at The eLearning Guild 2008 Conference & Expo.
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