Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Does your elearning go up to 11?

If you don't get the reference in the title then here is a little reminder...

...are you LOL?

Actually, I'm wondering if you are using Director11 or plan on using it for eLearning.
Director is still one of the most powerful multimedia authoring tools available and I'm excited to see what eLearning Developers are going to do with it. Especially the Serious Games developers...oops...I meant to say Immersive Learning Simulation Developers.

Will you be turning your eLearning up to 11? Let me know. Or just let me know if SpinalTap brings back any memories for you ;-)


urbie said...

11? I'll probably get Director 11 [for the Mac] when it ships. I'll get it more for sentimental value. I haven't done any commercial stuff since Director 8.5. Almost all the stuff I do with Director now is in support of the Flash work I do.

Tony Karrer said...

This was hilarious when I saw it back in college. Not sure it was quite as funny today. Maybe more beer would help. :)

Brent Schlenker said...

I was thinking the same thing. I tried sitting through the whole thing a while ago and just couldn't do it. Same thing with monty python. But the short snippets of the classic segments that I find on YouTube are perfect. Its the beautiful thing about the Internet. I love this stuff!

David Anderson said...

Most creative blog title of 2008:-)

I must have watched 'Tap over 50 times since '88. I still play it in the background from time to time during house cleaning days.

"I’ve told them a hundred times: put ‘Spinal Tap’ first and ‘Puppet Show’ last."