Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Onenote v. Noteshare for eLearning

I was really excited about OneNote's focus on the eLearning market. Its most definitely the first Microsoft app to turn my head in a long time. But of course my next thought was....hhhmmm, I wonder if Apple has anything like this. I looked and couldn't find anything...until now.

I stumbled across NoteShare from Aquaminds. NoteTaker is for the individual user and Noteshare is for teams that want a Peer-to-peer content sharing solution. There is also a server solution. At first glance it looks very cool. As an avid Mac user I'm happy to give it a spin.

Can anyone out there offer up any user cases that highlight either of these apps in eLearning?

Also, does anyone know of an opensource equivalent? My guess is that currently there is no compatibility between OneNote and NoteShare.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Brent,

Apple has deployed NoteShare in Maine for their 1:1 laptop program. It's a little over 50,000 plus systems at this time but growing. Here is a video about one of the middle schools that is part of the Maine MLTI program that Apple is supporting.

With respect to elearning and our software, we're used widely in K-12 programs as well as higher ed. This video is an overview of what students start with in terms of using our software for organizing their academic life:

We do provide an open XML format and API for those developers and users who want to integrate with our software or simply import into their own environments. We are working with Etech's Studywiz platform to go the other direction.

Hope this information is useful.

Scott Love
AquaMinds Software
Palo Alto, CA