Friday, July 04, 2008

2 more drowning deaths - Just another 4th of July in Arizona

Well, my 4th started out pretty good. We did the neighborhood parade again this year. While most people sleep in on the 4th we get up early and head over to the Arcadia 4th of July Parade.
My kids wanted to enter the contest this year, so they decorated a big wagon...that's "Emma" the new Landseer from the dog rescue. She's huge and slobbers a lot, but what a great dog! And they WON! Best Wagon. So proud.

So the day continues and I'm listening to the radio only to hear about a 2 year old near drowning last night who later died this morning, and another child drowning DOA this morning. So sad...and so frustrating.

If you are going to a lake, or bbq-ing around a pool, PLEASE keep an eye on your kids! If you don't have kids, watch someone else's for a while if you notice the parents slacking off a bit. Not sure what you should do? Then start here:

Safer 3 Educational Material Order Form

And I'll shamelessly plug my daughter Emma who will gladly come and speak about Drowning Prevention to your pre-K, K, 1st, or 2nd grade class, boy scouts, or girl scouts, or any other organization with kids.
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