Thursday, July 24, 2008

e-Learning 2.0 Survey - Take it NOW!

The eLearning Guild is currently working on the most comprehensive report on e-Learning 2.0. You may be annoyed by the term and bla, bla, bla, but nobody can deny that significant changes in web technologies are having a profound impact on e-Learning.

The report is not complete without your help. Are you using ANY Web2.0 tools in your organization? Maybe your company has internal blogging capabilities and a corporate wiki, but you haven't figured out how to integrate them into your e-Learning strategy.
Is e-Learning 2.0 part of your long term strategy? Even if you don't know, even THAT response is helpful in drawing a picture of the current state of the e-Learning 2.0 landscape.

Now's your chance to be heard. TAKE THE e-Learning 2.0 Survey!

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Anonymous said...


Is the survey only for Guild members? When I click the link, I'm prompted for login credentials.