Saturday, July 26, 2008

There is no why Learning2.0?

Brain photo: Gaetan Lee

Its the "e" in e-Learning that is getting the upgrade, not the learning. There is no Brain2.0. The last I checked my Brain1.0 was working just fine...some might argue that point. The term should be e2.0-Learning, but that just doesn't have the same ring to it.

I've been arguing for a long time that "Its all about learning...not e-Learning" and have been an advocate for dropping the "e" altogether. I think I was wrong.

What we do as professionals is to create content and experiences.

What we do as human beings is Learn.

I wanted to drop the "e" because I wanted our field to be more about the learning and less about the technology. I still want that to be the case. Actually, I think it needs to be more balanced. What we do is about people AND technology. But I think what we all want is to better understand learning so that we CAN impact the process. We must better understand the learning process in order to create better content and experiences. Its not just behavior that we need to understand. We MUST understand the human brain.

So in fact we never really change HOW people learn. (Actually just writing that makes me sort of embarrassed that I actually thought that was somehow part of my job.) What we do is change how we orgranize and structure content, environments, and experiences based on what we know about how the human brains actually handles the intake of stimulus. Our job is to create content and experiences that are easily received into short term memory, transferred into long term memory, and easily recalled at any given time. And our hope would be that our learners would inturn recall that content in order to create something new or simply be productive at accomplishing the task at hand.

I love John Medina's book Brain Rules. And I'm even MORE excited that he will be keynoting at DevLearn08.

You can check out his web site for a little taste of what to expect. And this slideshare by Garr Reynolds of talks about how Brain Rules applies to giving presentations.

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