Monday, August 18, 2008

3 QR code readers for iphone

3 QR code readers for iphone
Originally uploaded by Brent Schlenker

Neoreader, idecode, and barcode are the first contenders for decoding
2d bar codes on the iPhone2.0. At least, that is, until someone
corrects me.
So far NeoReader is working the best. iDecode worked...but it was
painfully slow. Barcode works...sometimes. It seems to crash a lot.
And Barcode requires WAY to many clicks to get at the intended final
content or web destination.

Anyone else diggin' on QR codes?


Alan said...

I am ready to start digging- just got my iPhone from the Biltmore store this morning.

streetstylz said...

I'm lovin' the NeoReader

Hands down the best mobile code reading app for the iPhone!