Wednesday, September 24, 2008

518 to 0 in one click - Declaring Google Reader Bankruptcy

2008-09-24_1601There actually does come a point where 518 rss feeds just aren't managable.  Instead of trying to organize the feeds it just seemed easier to start from scratch.  Now that I have a better understanding of how to use Google Reader, I can hopefullly stay more organized from the get go.

My feedreader journey has been interesting.  And these days I actually find myself monitoring TWITTER and other microblogging aggregators like FriendFeed, and SocialThing more often.  Its more immediate and personal. 

[Note to self:  Be aware of "re-tweets" as they look like they come from the tweeter when In fact they are from a previous tweeter.  Getting this wrong makes you look like a twit!]

My blog automatically sends a notification TWEET to my TWITTER feed, and I've seen this more and more from others in my circle.  So, if I'm watching the live 140-character conversations already with an occasional "hey, I've updated my blog" in the same system...why have another system monitoring the same activities?

Of course this means that if you were in my feed reader and you don't have your blog update with a tweet then I won't know about it.  That's a bummer...but heck, nobody's in my reader anymore anyways.
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