Thursday, October 16, 2008

e-Learning Day SUCKS! - Not everyone is a self-directed learner

Lately, I've only been scanning/deleting my Google alerts for e-learning.  But even on a terribly busy day, I could not resist passing this little nugget on to my learning colleagues.

e-Learning Day Sucks

You've got to read the entire blog post from this distraught student, but here are a couple nuggets:

"But what was most disappointing was that they expected us to learn fresh, new topics like Maxima and Minima on the dot, and the lessons weren't even constructed by our teachers, but by this Dr. Brain series that was created by some polytechnic whose name I have completely forgotton."
"I mean, COME ON! You're expecting us to complete an entire assesment (or more) just by being educated by a talking flash movie?? What if we have a question to ask?"
"We're HUMAN. Not ROBOTS. We're flawed okay. We have to ask questions to clarify things and that's why we need TEACHERS to TEACH us. NOT DR. BRAIN! Who (for crying out loud) DOES NOT EVEN HAVE A BRAIN!"
"In conclusion,



So, I guess there isn't much else to say about that. Just thought I would pass along this strong reminder that teachers are NOT going away.

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Anonymous said...

It still amazes me how we manage to keep up with advances in technology and keep teaching them, there will come a time when knowledge gained will be taught in real time parallax. So what we learn one minute will be taught the very next, isn't this the frustration of high speed info sharing? The scary thought is that this sharing of information will only speed up!