Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Wearable computer by Nikon - Headsup Training Potential

I saw this cruise by on my "friendstream" this morning.  Just had to share.  There were lots of comments along the lines how nobody would ever use this in public, and navigating the browser would be a pain, etc, etc.  But I couldn't help but think about how useful this would be in a manufacturing environment or some other setting where you needed your hands free to do other things while you monitored digital information.

For those of you that have heard any of my presentations, I often talk about "opt-in" & "opt-out" as being a powerful part of monitoring conversations via RSS.  We talk about it in terms of feed readers and feed dashboards, but the reality is that you STILL need to get yourself in front of a computer monitor to view those feeds.  In many instances, getting to view the conversation channels that you have opt-ed into is difficult, and/or you get to it too late.

Wouldn't something like this help?  I know my twitter stream is already flowing by faster than I could ever keep up.  It might be kind of cool to have a little AIR app running my "friend stream" in this little headset window in one eye.

Of course my mother-in-law (eye doctor) would probably have a fit!  Ya know, that can't be good for one eye to be doing one thing while the other does something else.  I don't think they were meant to work that way.

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