Tuesday, June 22, 2010

mLearnCon Helps Redefine Mobile Learning

I truly LOVE my job!  Technology, Learning, and GREAT people make for an amazing gathering.  eLearning Guild events are always energized and intense experiences. But it seems the more focused the topic, the more energized and intense it gets.  I know first hand how much goes into events behind the scenes to make this happen, but its the attendees, and the speakers, that take the energy to whole new level.  mLearnCon definitely put a stake in the ground as the biggest, and best mobile learning event thanks to our amazing attendees!  Mobile Learning is without question the biggest opportunity currently available to training organizations to make significant business impact.

2 Major Themes Surface at mLearnCon
The event was filled with every type of mobile learning solution you can imagine, but there were two main themes that just kept re-occurring...over, and over again: People, and SMS.  Its very clear that designing m-Learning is more about the user and less about the technology.  I've heard these conversations at e-Learning events as well but certainly not as loud and clear as it was at mLearnCon.  And AFTER you understand your learner, and their mobility, you look towards technology.  And no other technology surfaced as strongly as SMS, text messaging.  Every phone has SMS capabilities, and nearly everyone on the planet has a mobile phone and they know how to send/receive text messages.

1 Thing You NEED to know!
And of course, in a not so close 3rd place (regarding major themes as I saw them), we all agreed that simply miniaturizing our existing e-Learning courses to fit on tiny mobile screens was an immediate #FAIL.  mLearning requires completely rethinking how a mobile learner can stay connected to learning content before, during, and after other learning events have occurred.

Rethinking your corporate learning strategy to include mobile learning is not as easy as it sounds.  There are many of your learning colleagues out there doing great work and offering their services.  Find them.  Engage them.  And learn how your strategy NEEDS to support the mobility of your learners.


A quick collection of resources from an mLearnCon google search:

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The now famous keynote mind maps of Quinnovator: 

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Inge De Warde took in a pre-conference workshop as well as the mLearnCon event.
preconference workshop during mlearncon: android 101 She is a prolific blogger and so I won't list ALL the great posts she made during the event.  Check out her blog at http://ignatiawebs.blogspot.com/
Here are a couple direct links...

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