Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Speaking at mLearnCon June 21-23

We're only 3 weeks out from mLearnCon.  Are you getting ready?
I'm honored to be part of the final general session panel surrounded by mobile learning luminaries.  Check out the lineup here.

You can download the mLearnCon mobile app and start planning your event NOW.  Its well worth watching the video to discover all of the fabulous features within the app.  For example, many people miss the fact that presentation slides are included in the app.  That alone is pretty cool, but this will blow your mind.  Let's say you're following along in a session and find a particularly important slide that resonates and you feel the need to share.  No problem just TWEET it!  The slide image and your comments will be sent out in a tweet without ever leaving the app.  This makes sharing your key learnings with your network SO brilliantly easy.

If you are going to mLearnCon please be sure to find me and say hi!
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