Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DEMOFEST - Feedback From Your Trusted Colleagues in eLearning

DEMOFEST is the BEST place for you to get peer feedback by showcasing your work at DevLearn.

You are not going to get this kind of feedback anywhere else.

You might be afraid because you think you're work is not cutting-edge.  But I think you will be surprised at how ahead of the curve you probably already are.  Did you know that some organizations are still ONLY using classroom-based instructor led training?  It's true.  Don't get me wrong.  I still believe there is a place for instructor led training, but if you're doing eLearning development then you are already ahead of the curve.

Honestly, DemoFest is one of my favorite parts of DevLearn.  This is where you get to see REAL eLearning in action.  It's not about a thought leader just TELLING you how eLearning should be done.  And its also not about a vendor promising you the greatest eLearning ever.  No.  This is real world eLearning done by your peers.

And for managers, you will want to see this as well.  Would you be willing to display the work of your team?  I think this is an honest question you should be asking yourself and your team.  Benchmarking yourself, or your team, against the industry is valuable knowledge, and you need to know where you stand.

And it's just a heck of a lot of fun!!!

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