Thursday, February 09, 2012

Oracle buys Taleo - Cloud Tech is Important! Are you Still Avoiding Cloud Services?

Interesting news this morning comes in the form of an acquisition by Oracle.  Here is the press release from Taleo regarding being purchased by Oracle.  eLearning plays a big role in the management of corporate talent and Taleo offers eLearning delivery as part of their cloud package.  Here's a piece from the release:
"Taleo's integrated cloud-based talent management solutions optimize how organizations hire, manage, develop and reward their employees and gives companies the intelligence needed to capitalize on their most critical asset -- their people," said Michael Gregoire, Chairman and CEO, Taleo. "Joining forces with Oracle gives us the opportunity to better serve our customers."
The big news here is that Oracle rival SAP recently acquired SuccessFactors which is a rival of Taleo.  So the race to round out cloud services is still running.

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