Wednesday, March 21, 2012

#LSCon Day 1 General Session - Learning Solutions 2012

I haven't blogged during a general session in a long time and so I thought I'd try it again.  Heidi Fisk, co-founder of the eLearning Guild opened the general session and introduced John Maeda, the morning keynote.  He is the author of Redesigning Leadership.
"The is no "i" in team. But there are lots of "i's" in individual. There is a "WE" in Welcome."
I like this.  Each person acting individually is what makes the team.  And individuals engaging other individuals by making them feel welcome, and special, is an important part of being a team member.

Leaders engage with stories.  And the most important times of uncertainty are when we need leaders the most.

Sense actively:  Artists are doing the "wrong" thing at the right time.  Artists, creatives, are important.  Leaders need to be more willing to act creatively.

Fail Productively:  Trying and failing is an important part of leadership.  And allowing others to do so is even more important.

There is so much MORE! John is GREAT! I have not read the book, but if you were not at his keynote I would think it's a safe bet to recommend his book.  His book signing is next.

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