Friday, July 11, 2014

Reviewing the Week: Knowledge Brokers, mLearnCon, Rock and Roll, and Apps

The week leading up to the July 4th holiday weekend was very quiet around the office. It gave me some time to think and write quite a bit.  The first 2 of 4 blog posts written during that time were published this week:

What Learning and Development can Learn from a Rock Band and YouTube - This post started out as a review of mLearnCon 2014 but quickly took a left turn at my stage presentation.  I realized that I've never really explained my thinking behind why I tell the Arnel Pineda story and so, as my blogs tend to do, it became a post about that in the end.

How Corporate Training Professionals Add Value as Knowledge Brokers - I really like the term Knowledge Broker....always have.  Some have said it connects to closely with the Knowledge Management world, but I didn't think anyone even talked about KM any more.  I like to keep life simple and so the post boils down to this...

Knowledge Brokers connect those that have the knowledge with those that need the knowledge.

There are many ways to do that, but the true essence of what we do in the T&D and L&D world is just that.
I'd like to give a shout out to the Train Like a Champion blog and the post Hello! My name is Brian, and I'm a Training Snob. Brian mentioned me in his post, but more importantly he's blogging. I'm always happy to see new names and faces stepping out and expressing themselves in the bloggosphere.
I look forward to reading more about Brian's experiences as a training professional in the corporate world.
And I'd also like mention my friend Steve Crawford from ASU who gave a presentation at a conference and then tweeted some great App ideas.  Follow him @srcrawf2.
His list was long and I already use most of the apps but for me there were a couple nuggets that were either new to me, or I had forgotten about.

Adobe Voice - This just looks fabulous! I'm definitely going to try it out.  And its a free app so why not?
Doodlecast Pro - This looks very interesting as well.  You gotta see the video to really understand.

For the rest of his app suggestions just check out his twitter stream.

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