Monday, August 29, 2005

Great eLearning Design NEEDS Great graphic design

If you've never seen this little gem then you must take a look. It's beautiful, educational, informational, and just plain ol' good design. Virtual Knee Surgery

This little ditty has no educational value but it sure is darn FUN: Cow Drum Solo and Music Video Creator

Certainly these productions enlisted the help of many specialized professionals, however if you are a 1-man elearning development army there is much to be learned. There are so many cool things in this project, but I will mention 2 easy ones that anyone can learn and improve: Great colors, and great photos.

Color theory is not as mysterious as it a book, take an intro art class, or ask an artist. But learn the color wheel and start practicing.

Color Picker - This is the best online color scheme generator (mixer/selector) I've seen lately. Another color picker

If you still insert graphics and photos into your html pages and scale them NEED to learn more about working with graphics. I still see this in corporate eLearning, communications, and presentations. In general you scale graphics down, but NEVER scale them up (i.e. bigger). Unless you know how to do it maintaining the quality.

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