Tuesday, August 30, 2005

IKEA Instructions Good and Bad

So today I wanted to write a cool little blog about how much I like the IKEA instruction manuals and that there must be some way to incorporate a No-text-image-only approach to eLearning development...so I googled and discovered quite a backlash AGAINST those cute little androgynous figures. Actually, it turns out most people think they are "male" figures and so the company is being publically flogged for being sexist...so funny. I digress.

More importantly, what I am reminded of is that we ALL have different learning styles and while some of us gravitate towards the visual, others rely heavily on the textual. I think in general our struggle as eLearning Developers is to strike that perfect balance between the two.

We know that the studies say most people SCAN web pages instead of reading them, so knowing that, we must still focus on extremely limited text...OR text that is designed on the page for scanning (i.e. newspaper-style columns). Supplemented with appropriate images that do not distract from the content and you should be doing well.

Remember, if you must create a page-turner...make it ROCK! Appropriate images only and limited text designed for quick scanning will get you one step closer.

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