Tuesday, September 06, 2005

DIY eLearning Video

So you've done all of your proper ISD and after your quick media selection analysis using the Hannafin and Peck guide you decide that a video would be the appropriate selection, or maybe just a part of the mulimedia package.

Your dilema: You either don't have an internal video production facility, or using them requires too many signatures, request docs, and scheduling time 6 months in advance.

Video production is getting cheaper all the time and the quality is outstanding...especially if its simply a quick training video. A cheap videocam, DV Cable, and iMovie, (or MS MovieMaker) and you're on your way.

You can find out more about eLearning video from this Learning Circuits article.
This article talks about using video in eLearning but also speaks of needing professional video production teams. I do not agree that professionals are required to create video that supports your learning objectives. In many instances its the content of the image...NOT the quaility...that allows for improved learning embedding in longterm memory.

Check out the following sites to improve your production skills:
DV Magazine online
DV Creators

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