Thursday, September 22, 2005

Learning2005 PodCast - Discussion with Elliott Masie

Today I was part of the beginning of a new type of conference...Learning2005. I talked with Elliott Masie about some of my passions that I blog here at

One part that I am definitely going to discuss more with my colleagues in learning is the concept of design independent delivery frameworks that Elliott briefly touched on. If the course I am taking has text, images, animations, video, and other digital elements then I want to be able to put them anywhere I want on the screen. I don't want some know-it-all "ISD guru" telling me how I should be viewing MY content! I love this idea!!!

Also, I must confess that despite "page-turners" being my biggest hot button...I actually create them as much as the rest of you. Here's my kicker on that though...if we MUST create them, then lets design the heck out of them: make beautiful pictures, ENGAGING interactions, animations, etc. I believe we should be digital media designers above and beyond instructional designers.

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